Wednesday, August 27, 2014

September reveal for Scrapbook Circle

Scrapbook Circle's September kit Here & There is now for sale! Here are my pages:

This was the first page I made. I love the look of wood grain and navy and yellow and white--it makes me think beach--so it was perfect on a page about the beach in Michigan. Lots of misting, sewing, and homemade banners. I also added stickers from the This Place add-on. Just the right splash of color.

This page was a stitch-stravaganza, if I can create a term. So much fun. Mostly the main kit, plus This Place epoxy stickers and tags and some 6x6 paper for the title from the Time Flies add-on.

Another nature page, mostly using products from the main, plus stickers from both add-ons and some 6x6 paper from the Time Flies add-on. More stitching, more layering. And more gold! I was surprised at how good gold looks on nature pages. Amazing!

I loved using both add-ons to make a sticker frame for this awesome photo of my son taking care of my friend's two-year-old. I've been wanting to make this page for a while, just waiting for the perfect photo. I mixed soft colors with masculine tones to better reflect the subject.

Another 2-pager, this time with all the girly and gold in the kits. I used both add-ons to layer embellishments along the title and through the grid. And yes, those flowers are from my garden. After the June rains, it bloomed divinely.

I hope at this point you can see how versatile the kit is. I used it on girly layouts like my garden page and on masculine pages like this one about my son and my week together this summer. Gold, black, and aqua were the colors that made this page. I used both add-ons to add a big embellishment cluster.

Thank you for checking out my September pages for Scrapbook Circle! Head on over to the circle to check out these terrific kits.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Scrapbooking 8.5 x 11 pages

I mostly scrap 12x12--I use a lot of photos, and more fit on a 12x12 page. I've rediscovered 8.5x11 recently, mainly because it fits smaller photos nicely. Here's a recent page:

I like how I could fit the two wallet sized photos and leave not-too-much white space. I love me some white space, but not when it's a void. I used my July Studio Calico kit for this page, dipping into my stash for the blue cardstock. I love the combo of blue, yellow, and orange. Happy colors.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Scrapbooking treasured belongings

I have to admit, I was not much for keeping stuff when I was growing up. My parents were born not long after the Depression, so they were trained to keep EVERYTHING. I react differently; I tend to use things, and if I can't use it anymore, I get rid of it.  I remember keeping a diary as a child, for example, but not finding it very interesting to record the minutiae of my days, I tossed it, mostly empty. When I outgrew a toy--paper dolls, for example--I tossed it. I was a bridge burner. As a result of these tendencies, I don't have many long-term treasured things from my childhood.

My sons, particularly my older boy, must be reacting to my tendencies in the same way I did to my parents: he hoards. Now that he's older, I can see that he loves particular treasures, so I decided to scrap them so that if he does lose or toss it someday, at least I will have recorded the memory. Here's a page about one of his treasures:

I used the August Scrapbook Circle kit Island Paradise along with its add-ons Tiki Torch and Bungalow for this page. The jewel tones, especially the purples, meshed well with the colors in the photos, particularly my son's purple sweatshirt.

I also used a single page September sketch from Simple Scrapper for this page as well, stretching it to two 8.5x11 inch pages to fit all the photos. Here's some details:

When I hand journal, I draw lines in pencil with a ruler 1/4 inch apart, then journal, then hand draw over the lines sans ruler. I like a little bit of squiggle.

I love layering die cuts with dimensional stickers and chopboard, as you'll see in the next two photos as well.

Thank you for checking out my page! So, have you scrapped your treasures yet?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Revisiting school years past

School is starting soon here in Minnesota, and while I'm thinking about my boys going back, I'm also thinking a bit on my years in school. Here's a page I made about my experiences in theater:

Yep, that's me in 8th grade. With a perm.

I used a story starter and sketch from Simple Scrapper, plus a kit from Studio Calico for this page. Though I reflected a bit on my theater experiences, I spent more time focusing on how those early theater days helped me in my career as a teacher. If you haven't done pages about your school years, go ahead and pull some photos and start scrapping the experiences that have affected you the most across time!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Scrapbooking for a purpose

Sometime this winter my younger son came to me in despair. He said he needed a hobby, and told me he didn't have one. I talked with him about my hobbies, then asked every family member what their hobbies were, and then I asked my youngest again. at this point he had realized that he DID have hobbies, and came up with a list. After our conversation, I wrote them down, and this month I scrapped our hobbies. Here's the page:

(I swear my husband's whole name actually does appear on the right!)

I picked old photos I had lying around that showed us doing what we loved: Rowan creating, Dominic reading, Derick running, and me at a baseball game getting a photo to scrapbook. I pulled products from a couple older Studio Calico kits to make this page. The kit had a TON of number rub-ons, which was actually perfect for this page. Here's some details:

I don't normally journal along the side, but I didn't want to fill the white space in the middle, so I used the sides to add our hobbies.

The trail of sequins and stars was a little random for me, but I liked it, so I did it. I think it adds a bit of movement to the page.

I love yellow. and layering. And sewing. That is all.

Thank you for checking out my page! Have you scrapped your family's hobbies right now? If not, record them--hobbies change, and this snapshot will be a treasure in the future.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Reclaimed pages, post-hard drive crash: part 5

These are my final pages that I'll be sharing that I lost due to my hard drive crash, but was able to reclaim because of our online back-up program. I've been posting these not just to share them, but also to remind you that you need a redundancy program to back up your photos: disks fail, hard drives crash, even external drives. Consider an online program too!

Now the pages:

This one I had made last spring but never posted, I'm not sure why. I think the design bothered me, for some reason? Not sure. If I go to a game, I generally keep the ticket and put it on the page, like I did here.

This was a very basic page remembering spring. I kept it simple and used kraft as a background since spring in Minnesota is a little washed out. By the time it's colorful, it's almost summer. I cut apart the die cut that came with the kit to use it in many places on the page.

Another spring page, probably the last egg page I'll make since the boys are getting older. I did a lot of stitching, die cutting, and inking for texture here. More color, since it was later in the spring--heck, the grass is almost green!

Thank you for looking at my reclaimed pages! Please take some time to explore online backup options so that you do not have to worry about losing your photos.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Reclaimed pages, post-hard drive crash: part 4

More photos to share, these some final pages made with Fancy Pants Designs products before my term was up:

This was using older Fancy Pants Designs products called Oct 31st, plus a cool set of older Thickers and a cute layered embellishment from Girls Paperie. Not really a Halloween page, but a spooky event that was funny, so I wanted to record it.

This project I've been using a lot. I had a Brag Book that I wanted to use for a project, but there were SO MANY PAGES (a good thing) that I unbound it and rebound it with only the journaling pages, leaving photo and pocket pages without a home. Here I bound them with rings and using the Be Different line, make a book to collect magazine recipes until I had a chance to make them and, if liked, put them in the official family recipe book. Here's some inside pages:

(*That ampersand I cut with Berkshire Swash font.  It's my favorite font for ampersand.)

Thanks for looking at my final pages from Fancy Pants! I have one more set of (almost) lost pages to share before returning to sharing my current projects.