Saturday, February 6, 2016

The rest of the pages I made at my scrapbooking retreat

Hello! My post about the Scrapbook Circle February pages included some of the layouts I made at my January scrapbooking weekend. Here are the remaining pages.

First is a page about my One Little Word of last year, Play. I decided not to use PLAY in the title because I felt like I lost it at the end of the year. I wanted this page to be goal setting. Note: that photo of me with the Wookiee is possibly my favorite photo of myself from last year.

This page was the last one I made. I sort of gave up because I didn't know what I wanted; I just had the circle mat and the embossed title. When I came home, I hand journaled and added circular stitches and random buttons and epoxy circles. I think they make the page look a little quanlt but technical. Now I love it.

Another page about my eldest and his summer journey to beat me at cribbage. Delightfully, a die cut set I had included cards. Perfect.

I love this page. The photo was lovely so I decided to enlarge it. The background paper fit perfectly and I hand stitched the starburst to make it a little more energetic. I finished the journaling at home.

This was another page I finished the journaling at home. It's a little simple, but so was the story, so that's OK. I finally used some of the stars overlay I bought so long ago.

Another big photo page of my dog on a mountain top, surveying the Green Mountains of Vermont. She looks so jaunty! I had originally thought to post many pictures of Lola on vacation for this page, but instead I loved this photo enough of her to make it the showcase. I finished the journaling and the title at home.

Thank you for letting me share the remainder of my pages from my retreat! I hope it gives you ideas for scrapbooking. I am planning another retreat in April, and I hope to be as productive then!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

What I love: Write Click Scrapbook February gallery

February is pretty much owned by Valentine's Day. If you've been here before, you know I dislike scrapbooking the holiday. Still, Love is in the air this month, so for Write Click Scrapbook this month, I scrapbooked about my family's love for play.

One good thing about February: scrapbooking love gives me an excuse to use up as much pink on a page as I can. (Note: I used the background paper upside down. I liked the triangles better that way, but the writing in the right is upside down. Grrr.)

I love those button flowers from K & Co. They are old. I probably bought about 5 packets of them. I'm down to my last packet now.

Thank you for visiting today! Please go visit Write Click Scrapbook to see how the rest of the team scrapbooked about what they love. Like my page, you'll see more that just romance.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February pages for Scrapbook Circle: Only You

Hello! I have enjoyed working with Scrapbook Circle's February kit Only You. In a perfect example of serendipity, my kit arrived the day I left for my January scrap retreat. Hooray! My first pages there were from this kit, then I finished them when I got home. Here they are:

One of the things I loved about this kit was how coordinated the papers were, not just for Valentine's Day, but for pure happiness in general. I used a sunburst template to cut my favorite papers and then sew them down on this joyous page about my boys and why they love each other.

The acrylic words in the main kit worked well for a title. I misted the background so they would stand out more.

The kit also came with some sequins. I used most on another page, but I dropped many that I kept finding all weekend. Every time I did, I glued them on this page, LOL! I also punched circles from scraps to add to the confetti joy.

Though there were many joyous papers, two fit together in a different way, so I used them on the following page about my sons' love of tinkering and their subscription to Tinker Crate:

I used a lot of embellishments from the add-on I got, Date Night. I liked how versatile they were.

The next page I made with what I had left over when I got home, another page about my boys. I like doing pages with numbers, so I used the numbers from the main kit to guide my journaling their story by numbers:

My eldest came up with the title. Thank you, Rowan.

Next a love and smooches page about my husband using photos from a trip to one of his favorite restaurants, the Happy Gnome.

This was the page I used the rest of the sequins on, making a shaker bag for decoration, using a clear bag that held another embellishment in the kit. More of the add-on appears on this page:

Finally, a page that took me a while to get to look exactly how I wanted it to look. We visited the Science Museum in Boston last summer and went to the Pixar exhibit there. I took my favorite posed photos from it and put it on the page:

I initially wanted to used square photos, then cut them into smaller circles, which worked better. I again picked my favorite papers to accompany the photos on the grid.

Until I added this gold frame, the grid was a little dull. Breaking the grid created more interest.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you go to visit Scrapbook Circle and check out the kit Only You and its add-ons, especially Date Night. I used up almost every bit and am left with only bits of yummy embellishments I can continue to use on other projects.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

February scrapbooking layouts for Simple Scrapper

Now that January is almost over, winter is that much closer to being over too! Living in Minnesota, I love me some winter, but I love snow more than cold, and we've have little snow and irregular cold too. Sigh. Still, we had one nice spell of winter snow but not too much cold, enough to enjoy an outing. Here's a page I made with a sketch and story starter from Simple Scrapper:

This was a one page sketch I stretched to two to get more photos in. Maybe because I'm thinking about green, but I felt the need to put some green on this wintry page, along with the white, blue, and brown, a perfect combo for a nature outing. 

You'll note I used the map from the nature center as patterned paper on the page. I've started to enjoy doing that. It didn't fit across the 12x12 paper, of course, so I trimmed bits of the map from the unused portion and added them underneath the doily on the right to complete the spread.

I don't add sequins a lot, but sometimes the are the perfect color accent, especially since they remind me of glints of snow and ice.

The next page I made for Simple Scrapper again uses green and white and brown, but the photos come from last summer on a page I made about some neighborhood girls who love my dog:

I've used the term "Lola's fan club" to describe them to my husband, so I made it the title of my page.

Thank you for visiting today! Please go check out Simple Scrapper and look into membership. The community, the classes, and a monthly magazine complement the story starters and sketches that you see I used. All of this makes scrapbooking so much more fulfilling and refreshing.

I'll be back a few more times this week with pages from my other teams, as well as the rest of the layouts I made on my scrap weekend in January.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Almost monochromatic scrapbook page: Shine

I love the January kit for Scrapbook Circle. After I made my pages this month, I went back and made another page using some gorgeous supplies I hadn't yet used.

I loved all the yellow in the kit, so I made a lot of use of that. I also paired it with grey, plus hints of green, a la Frog Prince. Here's some details:

Thank you for checking out my page! I am finishing up the remaining pages from my scrap retreat and will post them when done later this week.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pages from my scrapbooking retreat: part 1

I had the pleasure of attending a scrap retreat with some friends this past weekend. It was such a treat to get away and do nothing but scrapbook, listen to music, watch movies, eat (lots of that), and socialize. I finished a few pages completely while there. Here they are:

I made a similar page like this last year for Simple Scrapper. I kept some of the same design layout, selected some happy, warm colors, and  wrote the story. The book card and pocket and the October Afternoon Public Library worked really well for this page.

This was the only two-page layout I did this weekend. Again, I used October Afternoon mostly, Saturday Mornings, because I wanted to have warm colors and the food icons fit thematically.

I scrapped a lot of warm colors this weekend; it was about -15 every morning and didn't crack zero while I was away. Warm colors made me happy. Since these photos had primary red-yellow-orange, I went through my papers and started with those colors. I used some autumn themed October Afternoon (Daily Flash Apple Cider, mostly) to embellish.

Another warm page, just more subdued.

I fretted over this one a bit. It's my One Little Word layout, which I always do in January to dedicate myself. My Word is FOCUS, but I added the word "Currently" because of theme and visual interest.  I worried it might not seem like FOCUS was the title, so I framed it. Lots of pink, because I liked the background paper--it's out of focus, which I feel like I have been--and the rest sort of fell into place. The journaling is in the pocket.

Now the colors get a bit cooler since the photos are from warmer times. I used a lot of Crate Paper The Pier for this, plus Studio Calico Wanderlust. When I scrap just a few photos, I like to scrap them in a block; overlapping elements adds some interest.

Cooler colors here too because it was WARM in December when this happened! Seriously. I love the title on this. So much fun.

You'll notice on these pages that I did some serious stash-busting with these pages. I have some OLD products on here, paired with new ones. This might have been the first time I used bits of every container I brought with me on the crop. That made me feel a special bit of pride.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I have another 6-10 pages I started but didn't finish (titles and journaling to finish, mostly). I'll post again when I get those done.

Monday, January 4, 2016

My favorite scrapbooking pages of 2015

I don't think I did a reap of my favorite pages from last year. Although I was less prolific last year, I still enjoyed the process. Here's some of my favorite pages, in no particular order:

This was a recent page for Scrapbook Circle that I finished right at the end of 2015. I love the photo of my boys and used it as a base of a page that described their relationship using different nouns. #EnglishTeacher

Another recent page for Simple Scrapper, this time celebrating my garden. I love taking a one-page sketch and stretching it to two.

Perhaps my favorite page of the year using a heritage photo of me in Germany when I was in college. I reminisce on the song that is the title using a sketch and story starter for Simple Scrapper. Note: travel lines are my favorite themed paper, so I jump at the chance to use them on a page.

This page by Simple Scrapper I played around with circles from the sketch, this time with hand stitching, which I generally did less of this year. Note: More travel paper!

My son at the Bakken museum. I made serious use of stash on this page, starting with an older piece of bella Blvd that made a nice base for the technical page.

Both this and the last were Simple Scrapper pages. I loved that the sketch had diamond shapes, so I was able to use these shape stickers. Lots of machine stitching on this page, which I did do a lot of this year. I need to get my machine tuned up again, and it might be time to get a new one after 20+ years. Parts are falling off.

This page for Scrapbook Circle did something I fell in love with this year: taking inspiration for the page from a product. In this case I was inspired by the grid background paper to journal and embellish as I did.

More travel paper! I used it on a recent "travel" to Minneapolis to one of our favorite restaurants, The Freehouse. Note: this design is typical for me--same size photos in a line--but the huge tags and journaling on the bottom breaks it up and makes it look different.

Another page where I took inspiration from the background paper. I did a lot of big picture scrapbooking. This might have been my favorite because it might have been my favorite shot. Love white space.

Grids are good. Here I put all the shots in a grid, but one didn't fit, so I used it to embellish the title.

Finally, I (finally) got around to documenting my week in the life from the previous year. This might have been one of the only non-design team pages I made, which is a scrapbooking goal I have for the upcoming year: more pages using stash for a little randomness.

So what do I notice from my pages this year? A recap:
  1. Color
  2. Shape
  3. Layers of embellishments
  4. Pivotal stitching as a design element
  5.  Big titles
  6. Journaling strips
  7. Designing from product
Thank you for visiting today! And thank you for letting me share some of my favorite pages. I've started some scrapbooking on my own this week, so I will be sharing as I complete more over the next month.