Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Neat &Tangled stamps and Scrapbook Circle

Hello! I've already shared my pages from this month's Scrapbook Circle kit, but I wanted to write a bit more about the page I did with the Neat & Tangled stamp set. The books stamp inspired me to record my next reads. Here's the page:

I wanted a multi colored bookshelf, but I didn't want to color the image. Instead, I wanted the colors that were the same hue as the background rainbow paper. Here's what I did:

First, I stamped the bookshelf on the page. Then, I stamped again on the different colors on the rainbow paper I used elsewhere on the page:

After I stamped these, I cut out random colors and glued them onto the page. I left some books empty and just left peeks of color here and there.

Thank you for checking out my page! This stamp set will definitely be a set I go back and use again and again. Please go to Scrapbook Circle and check out the other pages by both Scrapbook Circle and Neat & Tangled.

Friday, October 2, 2015

October pages for the Scrapbook Circle kit Mix Tape!

Hello! October has arrived, and with it the new kit from Scrapbook Circle called Mix Tape! I love the bright colors and playful accents. Here's the first page I made:

I've wanted to make this page for a while, and the playful accents and colorful labels were the perfect inspiration. I used a lot from the main and the washi stickers from the Playlist add-on, which was one of my favorite embellishments with the kits. Here's the details:

Next, I wanted to try a Halloween page, so I pulled the orange and grays and added a little blue and gold to make this:

Gold glitter may not seem like a Halloween color for the page, but these letters in the Cassette add-on along with the bronze tags and wood circles from the same kit were a spooky but non-thematic addition.

Next was a page I made using the awesome stamp in the main kit, made by Neat & Tangled. I wanted to make a page of the books I most want to read next, because scrolling through hundreds of books on GoodReads in my To Be Read shelf is a little overwhelming. No photos on the page, just punched tabs from the gorgeous Illustrated Faith paper in the main, which I also cannibalized for the stamped bookshelf.

My husband calls this an OCD dream page. I have no idea what he means by that.

Lots of stitching...

Finally, a black and white photo that highlight's one of Dominic's favorite activities:

Again, I used a lot of the add-ons--the glitter letters, the wood circles, the washi stickers, plus some printables and my favorite embellishments, the Evalicious puffy stickers and the Pretty Little Studios Word Strip from the main.

Thank you for visiting! I hope this gives you ideas for scrapping. Please spend some time over at Scrapbook Circle checking out this and other great kits, and continuing to get inspired!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Write Click Scrapbook October!

At Write Click Scrapbook we took a one month holiday, and now we're back! Today's theme is "Outdoors." Here's my page for the month:

I adore big photos with lots of white space. This photo, which I took at Whitewater S.P., had lots of that, so I journaled in strips about my boys growing up and made a big title embellishment cluster.

How happy was I to make use of that rub-on? Perfect thematically.

Thank you for checking out my page! Please visit Write Click Scrapbook to check out the rest of the gallery. And come back the rest of the month--we're trying a new format with teams and weekly themes!

Monday, September 28, 2015

October layouts for Simple Scrapper

Hello! The end of the month leaves me tired and sick. Sigh. I did manage to scrap over the last few weeks, though, some of my favorite pages in a while. Here are two pages I made for October's Simple Scrapper:

This first page uses a new sketch and an old story starter. I record a recent realization of mine: my son is slowly becoming a leader, specifically as he mentors younger children in church, taekwondo, and school. Here's some details:

I used a lot of Crate Paper and Jillibean Soup. I liked to pick out ephemera with phrases that fit the theme.

Next is a page about my beautiful grandmother and her sweet personality:

I used an old sketch and a new story starter. I also used pink! A color I don't use much, but both she and I were wearing it, and she is so pretty, I thought the color would be perfect.

I kept putting more embellishments on, then taking them off. I finally decided the pictures and words were enough.

My son came up with the title.

Thank you for checking out my pages! Please visit Simple Scrapper and explore--the perks of being a member will get you scrapping more creatively and productively!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Circles and food

The kit for Scrapbook Circle this month Hello Hello is really cute. In particular,  I loved the number circles from Pretty Little Studio in the main kit. I hadn't used them yet, so I made this page, which had been in the works for a while, listing our favorite foods on vacation:

I decided to put the photos on 2.5x2.5 circles; I had a ton of photos and figured this would make it easier (and more fun!) to fit them all on a page. I don't have a circle cutter that is perfectly sized for this (I ordered a punch but haven't gotten it yet), so I did an old standby and hand cut them and distressed the edges, setting them all in a circle. Here are the details:

There were lots of cute embellishments I hadn't used, so I sprinkled them here and there across the page. The printable was enough space to journal the purpose (recording our favorite vacation foods), and I hand journaled the restaurants along the outer edge to identify the numbered photos.

I had planned on "Vacation Eats" being the title, but then I saw the printable and thought it would look cute paired with the word "Eats."

Thank you for checking out my final Scrapbook Circle page for the month! I am so happy with how it turned out, and it was super fun to make. My eldest son can't stop looking at it, possibly because he likes it, but maybe because he's hungry and about to grow. It's that time. Sigh.

I'm working on pages for Write Click Scrapbook, Scrapbook Circle, and Simple Scrapper, in addition to getting started teaching a new year. Phew! I'll share as I finish this next week.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A dull scrapbooking post about altering page protectors

A bummer of a title,but I am super proud that I managed to make this work and I wanted to share it with you. Be warned, though: only pictures of page protectors--no pretty photos on this post!

I have mentioned before that I like to make my vacation albums 8.5x11 potbound. (Side note--my computer keeps changing "postbound" to "potbound." I hope I caught and edited all of them, but in case I missed one, please know I'm not referring to drugs!) Those albums are pretty hard to find nowadays. I LOVED the Stampin' Up! 8.5x11 postbound albums, but they discontinued them years ago. Sadly. As a substitute, I bought a few of these on clearance at Archiver's years ago:

I didn't buy any extra page protectors, though, which is something I've since learned: just like when I buy a stamp pad I always get the refill, now when I buy an album, I always get extra page protectors too.

In this case, I had used one album to scrap my Disney vacation. To scrap that vacation, which needed tons of page protectors, I raided the second album that I had bought for some of its page protectors, which left this album a little thin for the Custer State Park vacation I was going to use it for. When I checked my supplies, I had two different kinds of  page protectors:

On the left are Stampin' Up! extras--a lot of them--and on the right are the 4 leftover ones from the album itself. The problem?

When you lay them on top of each other, the album protectors are a hair shorter on the right than the SU ones. Damn. (On a side note, I just noticed that you can see me in the page protector--apparently I was wearing a purple shirt when I took this photo.) Since page protectors are pretty sturdy, I decided to be crafty and make the album page protectors a little longer on the right.

I had 4 album page protectors, but I only needed 2 for the album, so I cut the left edge off two and sewed them onto the other two, making them a little wider on the left:

After I did this and laid them on top of the SU page protectors, voila! It all lined up.

I suppose it didn't really matter that they didn't line up on the right, but I'm fairly type A and knew it would drive me crazy when I looked through the album. As a result, I decided it was worth the effort to try to even them up.

I did manage to edit and print the photos from this vacation before the summer was done, so I will be finished with this album within the next month. I'll share it once I'm done!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

September pages for Scrapbook Circle--and a sale!

September is upon us, and I am working hard to prepare to teach 11th grade students. I'm teaching 11th grade AP and Reading, and I have a lot of work to do this weekend, but I am excited to meet my students. Until then, I wanted to share my September pages for Scrapbook Circle's kit Hello Hello. First is a page that's a little messy:

Because we had our date in NE Mpls, I picked some grungy looking papers to fit the warehouses. I also added some gesso, modeling paste with a mask, and some ink. It was tricky adhering the photos; I ended up using dimensionals on glue dots. Here's the details:

Next is a page I made with some random photos of the boys I recently discovered. I put them together on this page and journaled about the new chapter in their lives: middle school.

I loved the chipboard in the embellishment add-on.  It inspired my title block.

Then a page that's a little different: while I scrapped our Disney vacation from 5 years ago, I found these pictures of Dominic waterbending. They were so charming and such a perfect picture of his interest at the time, I used them on this page. I selected water-splashed paper and made a little bend with the epoxy in the add-on.

Here I was a little creative: the tags in the main were gorgeous. I trimmed them a bit to make them a smaller chevron. To do so, I laid them together and sewed in between.

Finally, a page I was inspired to make after going home for vacation this year. We ordered pizza from Tess' (mad props to the correct use of apostrophe on the sign), a fond memory of my growing up years. Here's the page:

I kept it simple, but I tried to make it look a little like the awning. I also used the flourish in pizza to highlight "favorite." Because it is.

Thank you for visiting! Please check out this kit, and the terrific deal going on now through Labor day:

Yes, you can save 30% on your order through Labor Day, Monday the 7th of September. If you've been wavering on whether to subscribe, now's a great time to start! Go visit Scrapbook Circle and check it out.