Tuesday, June 21, 2016

July pages for Simple Scrapper

I'm continuing my past due blogging--finally! I mentioned last time about getting caught up with teaching. I also had a couple other things that tied me up: 1) getting a newer version of PSE, so I've been transferring photos over and coming to the uncomfortable realization that my computer is too slow and old and I need to start saving up for a new, faster computer, and 2) I got Lasik. It went well, but my left eye got some oil trapped under the lend, which makes it feel like I have a dirty contact on all the time and gives me a bit of a headache. I will have to wait for my eye to absorb the oil for it to get better, which my eye is taking it's good, sweet time on. Sigh. Back to blogging, a bit at a time!

Now that I've shared my last two months for Simple Scrapper, I want to share what's in the hopper for next month:

This is a page I've meant to make for a while, but it took me a while to find the sleepy photos on the right in my computer. I used scraps for the page, aside from the background paper, and I love how happy the colors are. The photo on the left I had lying around after I didn't use it on a past project, and since we were at a breakfast place, where Dominic ordered pancakes, it seemed to fit perfectly, especially since it's a page about his dad teaching him how to make pancakes.

This page came about through the story starter for July, which is about sunshine. We haven't had a lot of it this spring, which has made my garden very happy. I included some of my favorite recent photos of my garden, a couple of which I had taken in the rain. The title popped into my head; it's a song, but I don't even remember who sang it. It seemed perfect for the page. I loved stitching, but it gave me a headache looking for the holes I had punched (&#$@! eyeball).

Thank you for checking out my pages! If you have been missing scrapbooking magazines, check out Simple Scrapper; every month, membership brings a full digital magazine with lots of inspiration, plus access to story starters and sketches/templates. Inspiration is a click away!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

May and June pages for Simple Scrapper

Hello! I hang my head with shame at how late I am with blogging. School got really busy with me this spring, and now that it is out, I am working to catch up on posting my pages that I made on my two scrap retreats. I posted the ones from the first one; now I'll share the ones from Simple Scrapper these past few months, and then the pages I made at my last retreat. Here's the pages I made for May and June Simple Scrapper:

This was for a prompt on the 80s--that old Sassafrass paper was perfect! I enjoyed journaling for this, not so much finding old pictures of me with a perm. Gah.

I love this page. I used a photo from a lunch outing with the boys and journaled about a new tradition we're starting. These are the types of pages I'm doing more and more.

I actually did this page at the second scrap retreat, which I'll write about later this week. There's some hidden journaling that shares the solution of the case; I slit a pocket behind the photo to tuck the card in.

Another page I made at the second scrap retreat; I had struggled with how to use these photos, and the sketch gave me great ideas. I used Seakawks colors on the page. I also think I deserve serious props for scrapping this, since the 'Hawks beat my team.

That's some of the work I've done for Simple Scrapper this past spring! I'll share next month's pages later this week.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Scrapbooking pages from my retreat

Last week I said I would share some of the pages I made the first weekend in April at my scrapbooking retreat. Here they are:

I hadn't done any of my Halloween photos yet, so I dug in and finished them. No journaling. This page is more of a tradition, so no new story, just fun.

I debated adding more to this page and decided cute photos, chickens, and white space are enough.

Continuing the no journaling thread! Just colorful papers and colorful photos.

More Halloween, more no journaling.

This is my spread for Week in the Life last year, which was filled with funny moments, so I scrapped only those photos.

This was a one-hour challenge. I scrapped our camping weekend from last year to Carlye and Whitewater State Parks. That's 18 photos on this spread. I am ridiculously proud of that.

Finally, the half hour challenge page. I didn't do the stitching in the half hour, just the holes. I stitched later.

Thank you for visiting! This weekend I am going on another scrapping retreat, sort of an escape before the grading binge in the next few weeks. After that it should lighten up, and I should be back to scrapbooking more! (Hooray!)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April Simple Scrapper pages

My Simple Scrapper April pages went live in Spark Magazine, so I wanted to share the pages I made. Here's the first:

Here I journaled about the changing season and how my thoughts turn to my garden a little bit each day.  I dug out as many sprint like products as I could for this page. (I think I had run out of E's, so I curled a C to make do. Heh.)

Here's the next page:

Years ago I made a page about my mom called "The Dish Fairy" because of her habit of washing every dish as soon as it is dirtied. I put Heidi Swapp acrylic wings on her--do you remember that product? Memories. Anyway, I have since learned that I am now becoming the Dish Fairy myself and made this page to commemorate it. I dug back into my mists for this, which have been lately neglected, and I added my favorite embellishments, buttons. That is my motto, "Put a button on it."

I did mention that these were published in Simple Scrapper's Spark Magazine. Yes, every month Simple Scrapper publishes a magazine for members. If all the other perks are not enough for you, that alone makes the membership worthwhile. I love getting inspiration from it every month. Here's a link again with membership information.

I'll be back later this week sharing the pages I made at my scrapbooking retreat. It may be next week though--my boys have tech week for dinner theater at our church, and they perform this weekend, so things are a little chaotic. Fun chaotic, though. It's all good.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Write Click Scrapbook and my sons' favorite page

Hello! I wanted to share a page that my sons called their favorite.

When we were in Chicago last month, we visited the Art Institute. While there, we encountered a painting with a wonderful beard. Since my husband also has a wonderful beard, this inspired a series of photos. I printed them small, thinking I'd put them in a row on a page, then found in my stash a piece of lovely frame paper by Studio Calico. This page was then born:

When I had the page sitting on my scrap table (my lap desk), my son walked by, did a double take, and heaped compliments on it, declaring it his favorite. My youngest concurred. I don't think it's the most technically advanced page I've done, but it's certainly whimsical, and it matched the pictures well. I guess this goes to show that the best stories for the family are the best stories, not necessarily the most well crafted pages, Good to remember

I made this page for Write Click Scrapbook's April gallery. Check it out!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Back from busyland...

A post from some of my friends on Facebook reminded me of my neglected blog, so I came back to  post about my busy month. Truly, I felt badly about being gone, but there was a lot tugging on my attention. Here's what I experienced in March and early April:

1. Grading. My school runs on trimesters, so we finish about the 10th and start the new trimester immediately. As an English teacher, this bogs me down for a variety of reasons. Last trimester involved a researched argument, and this trimester started out with a process paper, so every night I have been reading 10-15 student papers. There's a lull right now--I am only scoring theses and topic sentences--so I'm back!

2. Spring Break. For the first time ever, we shared a spring break with my SIL and BIL and families, so we met in Michigan and Chicago for some fun.

Truly a lark, but planning for this trip took some energy, as did the drive back, through blizzard conditions. Yowza.

3. Easter. I know this is a busy weekend for many, but as a church musician, I need to be at just about every service, from Good Friday to Easter Vigil to every service Sunday. This is why my husband and I decided years ago to always eat out on Sunday, which we did at Hell's Kitchen this year.

BONUS! We managed to get tickets to the Guthrie Easter night, one more wonderful memory making adventure:

4. Reading. This will sound crazy, but since I knew I would be unable to scrapbook much this month with my hectic schedule, I decided to put a dent in my To Be Read (TBR) pile. I've read January First, My Favorite Plant, Crimson Shore, Buried Prey, Empress Orchid, The Invisible Man, and The History of Love in the past month and a half. I'm hoping my bedside pile will be gone by September so that I can read some new books that have piqued my interest.

5. Scrapbooking. Truly, I have scrapbooked! In the next few days, I'll share pages I've made for Write Click Scrapbook and Simple Scrapper, plus some pages I made while on a retreat in Pine City, Minnesota. Here was my view from my scrap spot:

The Pine City Scrapbooking Retreat is a wonderful place, not too far from the Twin Cities. I went with a group of ten ladies and had a wonderful time. Here we are:

I will post pages and projects I made later this week.

There were a lot of other things that occupied my time--piano lessons, violin lessons, taekwondo, and I think there was a recital in there?--but I did some memory making and memory recording this past month. I'll share more this week.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

March pages for Scrapbook Circle

Hello! The March kit for Scrapbook Circle, Oh Happy Day, comes just as winter in the Northern hemisphere is drawing to a close, and I am delighted with how much color it holds. I bought both add-ons and more paper, I loved it so much. Here are my pages.

First, a page about my son and coding, a page where I used a lot of the main and the add-on Beautiful Day:

I drew color inspiration from his Minecraft sweatshirt--no lie. Since the kit had lots of wonderful yellows too, I added that to punch it up (and because it goes with his hair).

The background had grey misting with some yellow dots, and I altered the speech bubble to house the title, which I stamped and stitched.

Then I made  page to commemorate the pond at the Landscape Arboretum Rowan fell in as a toddler.

I love the greens in this kit, plus this cool triangle paper, which reminds me of water. I sewed the banners down instead of attaching them with the wooden hangers they came with. I like how Rowan in his red shirt pops against all the green.

Next was a page that tugs at my heart. My grandmother died recently, and these photos were ones that she kept over the years. I made this page for my dad (she was his mom) for his birthday.

For this page, I used the papers from the add-on Beautiful Day, plus my favorite embellishment, the flair from the add-on Good Vibes. Lots of embellishments from the main as well.

For the title, I was trying a play on words: love notes/love noted. I think these photos are my way of noting how much she loved us all.

There's some amazing washi with the kits--the gold in Good Vibes that I used on the water page and my final layout and this love washi that came with the main. It was perfect for the page.

Finally, a page that highlights the printables that come with the kit:

When we traveled in Boston last summer, we took to imitating the statues we saw--there were so many!--and taking photos. I used the triangular printable as the border above the photos.

The title tiny letters come from lettering from an old kit--lots of gorgeous blues in this kit.

More washi and die cuts and flair from the add-ons!

Thank you for visiting and seeing the pages I made. I hope you go to Scrapbook Circle, check out the ideas there and these wonderful kits. In addition, this will be my last month with Scrapbook Circle. It's been an inspiring two years, and I've enjoyed my time with their products. I'm glad this terrific kit was my last to play with because it was truly inspiring.